Helping you

Our powerful Charity CRM provides all the functionality and security that you need to simplify your fundraising tasks.



Full integration with your web/online fundraising.

Fast bulk and one off data entry screens for mailing, SMS and telephone campaigns.

Automatic Gift Aid submissions.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Reporting & BI

Perform your own detailed analysis.

Real-time data.

Pre-built reports to answer all of your questions.

If it's not there, let us know what you want, we'll have a new report option with you in ultra fast time.

Business Rules

Business Rules

Customisable home page.

Reject regular givers dependant upon reject code.

Donation amounts receive various thank yous.

Birthday greetings.

User friendly system.



See how well it's going with real-time dashboards.

Detailed reports broken down by dates.

Direct mail, Radio, TV, Email, Telemarketing, Text - we do them all.

Here to help you increase your fundraising.



All of your donors/prospects and volunteers GDPR expectations are fully covered.

Quickly and easily search for your donors.

Summary and detailed Donor screens.



Emails / SMS

Banks / Payment Processors

Web sites


Google Maps

Plus many more.